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The noisy Forex market is one of the largest financial markets in the world, which is operating around the clock based on the principle of 24/5 with an average daily turnover of $ 5 trillion. Many things can happen during these 24 hours, taking into account that after a full trade session in Asia, markets in Europe open up, and then a bell on Wall Street opens. The development of Politics and Economics will have a certain influence on market psychology, and this is the reason of why successful traders need to have permanent access to real-time information and the appropriate tools for making the right investment decisions.

This is where Investix steps in. Investix is one of the world's leading financial databases available on the Internet providing high-quality and reliable information that traders can learn in their own way. There is unlimited access for traders to real-time forex quotes, latest financial news, technical analyses, premium trading tools, articles and other trading resources that enable them to understand market dynamics and the global economic system. Having access to such precious information, investors are better equipped to optimize their trading activity by developing ideas for creative trade, as well as optimal technical strategies and models.

With growing audience, Investix always strives to integrate innovative functions, and is dedicated to making your learning experience with Investix one of the richest ever.

Investix has created a full set of tools and resources available to traders of all levels: 


Daily Forex Market Overview:

 Our editorial team keeps accurately watch over the market on a daily basis to provide a detailed activity report of the previous day, which gives the traders opportunity to keep up with main events and to start the trading session with a clearer insights on current price trends as well as possible future market developments.

Technical Analysis:

Our analysts perform intraday technical analyses, providing traders with additional information on the movement of prices for a particular currency pair in the most important moments of the trading day. Thus, the traders decisions can be based on their own insight of current market pulse as well as in terms of another expert.

Forex Signals: 

Owing to our collaboration with leading Forex signal providers, MLC Forex News also offers an exceptional forex signal service that provides traders with reliable signals based on advanced strategies and careful and accurate technical analysis of the forex market, with very simple entry and exit instructions to follow.

Real-time Forex Quotes: 

Investix observes the forex market round-the-clock and also provides real-time bets and ask quotes for all the major currency pairs.

Educational resources: 

Investix is designed for traders of all levels and backgrounds, and has created various articles and blogs available for traders in order to learn more about the forex market, how it works, and what techniques are necessary to succeed..