Gold prices push forward after North Korea’s tension

Victor Refael

Gold rates touch its highest level since last week. In the four consecutive days, the price of gold drives above the 23% and it has growth from 11 months stillness. It has literally climbed from range under $1,212 in July to a $1,342.90 for now, which is the highest level in around a year. Gold, as always, is an additional tool for stakeholders when the situation comes to the nervous. And it obviously did after threats of North Korea nuclear test performed on the holidays, but what really gained to metal some extra value was remarks of United States president, Donald Trump. Many economists think that successful hydrogen bomb test on Saturday only coincide with the Gold rally and it didn’t add to much mention on the market. Risk aversion may support the next development of the Gold price on the market, as well as the weaker Dollar triggered by poor rates showings in the last Labor Day. Nevertheless, the risk is going to be set with military disarmament.Regional economic conditions could be supported by the next IMB survey that may slow the pace of gold gains. Expectations of the Washington government to shutdown gold gains from 35 to 15 percent also can be a danger to the stability of gold rank positions. But worries about another storm followed the Hurricane menace the US Dollar prospects. The yellow metal is a suitable alternative considering flattering of the Dollar. Safety of capitals can be provided by the gold hedge. It doesn’t sensible too much to the global politics as far it is mostly controlled by macro variables.


North Korea doesn’t have really many incentives to continue the tension on the market, so we have no clear expectations for the gold to save its top-notched ranks. But the yellow metal is likely seen by stakeholders as a guarantee for their assets a long with losing interest to invest on a low-weighed marker. The gold price predicted by experts may be held somewhere around $1.250 to the end of the year. It may be approved, as Goldman said; only excluding the next North Korea aggressive exhalations. And the United State government should do anything possible to avoid it and persuade reform projects as soon as possible. After all of that, the spotlight is turned to a rising situation on the Gold sector and it’s better to wait for a next statistics provided by IMB to prove or not the impressive gold price.