Privacy Policy

Our company respects privacy right of every individual that has decided or wishes to use our service. The relationships with our customers are important for us as well as their information's security. We do our best to protect the funds of our customers and eliminate all the possibilities of fraud. Our company uses the best technology to make the trade of our clients safe. The below-described information helps you to understand the ways in which we protect our traders' personal information and in which situations it can be disclosed. Our company keeps information that we receive from you either directly or indirectly. This may include your e-mail, name and address. Demographic data of the traders is also collected by us, e.g. date of birth, education and profession. We also keep information regarding the transactions you made via this website. This information is used by our company in order to generate statistics and analyze the performance of our system. The above-mentioned information is used by us with the purpose to improve our services. The part of this information is necessary to check your identity, issue passwords and open new accounts, suggest you new services and contact you. As mentioned above, your personal information can also be used with the purpose to generate statistics. Your information may become accessible for the parties with that we have signed agreements. The other cases of your information's disclosure may include: (1) to comply with the available order or law (e.g. the one issued by the court); (2) to the providers of different services we use (e.g. hosting and IT); (3) as the part of the consolidation and/or merger or during the process of assets or stock sale to the other company. It is possible that we place a cookie on your PC. It means a small file that is moving between computers every time you undertake an action on this website. This file assists with recognizing you once you visit our website again. We use cookies to deliver a more personalized service to you, to analyze the activity of our customers, determine faults and improve the system. Our contractors, affiliated organizations and employees to which we may disclose your personal information can be located outside your state of residence. Our company will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone else besides our contractors, employees and affiliated organizations. Our company uses a number of security technologies in order to protect your personal data. At the same, we cannot fully protect you from the risks related to your personal information. You should fully understand your risk and responsibility of using this website. We may use a third party to collect and analyze information (e.g. click paths, form and page requests) with the purpose to improve our website. Such third parties may employ cookies to track users behavior (including sending these files on our behalf) while they do not contain any traders' personal information. The use of your personal information by these third parties does not foresee the risk for your personal information security. This Privacy Policy is subject for revisions and amendments that can be made without additional notice. In case you do not agree with the changes to the Privacy Policy you must stop using our services and remove your personal data from the website. Taking into account the above-mentioned information, please ensure that you read this section on a regular basis. IP Addresses The Web browser you use reports your IP address automatically to the other users with that you interact so that they understand where to deliver the data. Our company gets you IP address every time you review any of our pages for the reason that is stated above. The other cases when you IP address can be stored by us include students' registration, your forum posts, or similar activity on our pages. The IP addresses can be used for a number of purposes, such as system or service issues determining, checking the level of security, choosing only highly interesting information for the website, generating statistics in order to improve our website. The use of your IP address does not represent any risk for you and your information security and is used mostly for improving the service.