Risk Warning

Forex trading activity is speculative and connected with a significant risk. Such conditions may not be acceptable for numerous individuals including you. We advise you to determine your goals for this activity, assess current skills and knowledge and readiness to carry risks prior to trading on the Forex market. There is a possibility for you to lose the whole invested amount. For this reason, you should not invest the sums that you cannot easily lose. Please learn about all the Forex trading risks and in case you have questions, consult the professionals in the fields of tax and finance. In view of the fact that there is a possibility to lose the whole invested amount or its part, we recommend you not to invest the sum that you cannot afford to lose or the one you need for your everyday expenses. Before trading using the services of our company you need to consult the advisors because all that you do on our website are on your own responsibility. All the content, news, research and opinions available on this website should not be considered to be an advice for brokers. They should be regarded as general market situation review. As you are informed regarding possible risks of trading and your own responsibility for it, you hereby agree with that fact that the broker is not liable for any mistakes or activities undertaken by you while working with us. For the case if the court holds our company liable for the amount you lost, you hereby agree that the maximum sum you will receive will not exceed the fees for our service that were paid by you.