Stefano Asquini

Victor Refael
Stefano Asquini

Stefano Asquini was born in 1967 in Udine, graduated Architecture faculty in Venice, he is a member of the architects community in the province of Udine. Stefano Asquini works in the field of public and private construction projects, environmental consulting, and management systems and corporates, in general, with Forex and social trading.

What is social trading? Simply speaking: Social Trading is the activity where investors look at online financial content obtained by multiply software as the main source of information for financial decisions. Social trading allows you to compare and copy transactions, techniques and profitable strategies to succeed in transactions.

Social Trading permits traders to make online transactions using the help of other people and it definitely reduces the learning time that is usually taken to gain some levels from beginner to expert Forex trader. Operators can interact with others, monitor others when they transact, copy their transactions, and understand what has pushed those with the best performance to make one.

These were main reasons that have prompted Stefano Asquini to work with Zulu Trade, the new acclaimed online transaction site; an esteemed politician since being elected councilor at Udine City Council from 1990 to 1995, and then from 1995 to 1999, and he has proven himself to be an administrator as a member of AMGA’s board of directors (Gas and water) of Udine.

All the years of work in the network marketing and collaborations with some international companies in the business services sector and creation and exchange of cryptocurrencies, such as OneCoin and Bitcoin, have helped and led to success the Zulu Trade site. It is the place where he was leveraging his experience and skills gained during his multifaceted working life. Those year are also included experiences as personal trainer, politician, public and private administrator, architect, which are professions that he still exercises in private sessions and public communication, especially upon financial issues and online trading.